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Studio de production pour podcast



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The RDECasterPro is the world's first fully integrated podcast production studio. Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned broadcast professional, the RDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio is all you will ever need. The RDECasterPro will change the face of the fastest-growing segment in the media industry - podcasting.
Now, everyone with a dream to create professional-quality podcasts will be able to do so seamlessly with this new and powerful platform. This is a remarkable new direction for RDE: an all-in-one studio for podcasters of every level

Points forts

Connect and record : the 4 high-quality microphone channels are able to power studio condenser microphones as well as conventional dynamic microphones. You can quickly connect microphones for you and your guests with automatic level setting and one-touch recording to a microSD card. You can literally be recording your first podcast within minutes of taking the RDECaster Pro out of the box.

Phone calls : have a remote guest you want to interview? Simply connect your phone to the RDECaster Pro via Bluetoothor with a TRRS cable. The RDECaster Pro automatically provides "mix-minus" audio to prevent echo being heard by the caller, without the need to purchase dedicated and costly hardware. Telephone interviews with a remote guest never sounded so good!

Sound Effects and Jingles : the RDECaster Pro comes with eight programmable sound effects pads, for instant triggering of sound effects, music, jingles, applause and ads - perfect for giving your podcast that professional quality. You can record audio direct to the programmable pads from any input, or simply "drag and drop" files from your computer using the supplied software. You can even select your favourite colours for the pad illumination.

Class A Servo-biased Preamps : the RDECaster Pro's pristine preamps and outputs feature Class A circuitry, as featured on broadcast consoles that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Class A preamps provide a much cleaner gain structure with lower levels of distortion, providing an incredibly clean, low-noise signal. The Preamps are also servo-biased, keeping distortion levels low. Your signal is broadcast-pure.

APHEX On board : your pristine signal can also be enhanced with the legendary patented audio processors, APHEX Aural Exciterand APHEX Big Bottom. These have been incorporated in the audio processing section of the RDECaster Pro, and your sound will have that rich, warm tone only found in professional studios. The RDECaster Pro also features multistage dynamics, such as compression, limiting, de-essing and noise-gating.

Recording options
The RDECaster Pro operates as a standalone unit straight out of the box, recording direct to a microSDcard. You can be up and running in minutes. The RDECaster Pro can also connect to your computer via USB, as it is a USB audio interface. This means you can record your podcast to your favourite recording software.
The RDECaster Pro is also able to seamlessly stream a live show - today's radio!


  • 4 microphone channels: Class A, servo based inputs able to power studio condenser microphones as well as conventional dynamic microphones.
  • Separate inputs for:
  • 3.5mm TRRS (phone or device)
  • Bluetooth (phone or device)
  • USB (for music/audio or app calls)
  • Pristine audio quality phone and app calls - with no echo (mix-minus). Easily adjust levels - no extra gear or messy set-up involved.
  • Programmable sound effects pads: 8 colour coded sound effects triggers for programmable jingles and sound effects.
  • Programmable in the RDECasterPro or from your computer via the software.
  • APHEX Exciterand Big Bottom patented processing for that rich, warm tone only found in professional broadcast systems. Also includes multistage dynamics: compression, limiting and noise-gating.
  • A full colour, high-resolution touch-screen allows easy control of all settings, including EQ presets for a range of professional voicings.
  • Four high-power headphone outputs and stereo speaker out, each with independent volume controls.
  • Records direct to microSD Cardfor completely self-contained operation, or to your preferred computer and software via USB.
  • Live streaming capability.Today's radio!